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About Us
VISION: To be the leading service provider in terms of quality and value for money in all airports in which we operate.


Flight Support Services
Setting increasingly high standards, we aim to be the best flight support service provider in every airport in which we operate.


Airline Support Services
We provide specialist services to small and medium sized airlines on the African continent.


Astra Aviation Shop
As a leading supplier of services, systems and equipment within the airline industry, we have successfully procured products for customers


Airline Support Services

Astra Aviation Locations

We provide specialist services to small and medium sized airlines on the African continent.

We are able to offer customers a bespoke product range which provides services, systems and processing support to airlines. These are designed to allow customers to focus on the core activities of their business, which are flying aircraft and safely transporting passengers to their desired destinations.

We have worked with our suppliers for a number of years and can negotiate attractive rates which we pass on to customers – these are normally cost savings which could not be achieved independently.

Our specialist knowledge in the work we carry out can also be of considerable advantage to our customers – allowing us to introduce new technology and innovative services instantly, without disruption to other aspects of their business.

The lists below will show you at a glance the four distinct areas of service that we are able to offer airline customers:

Commercial Support Services

  • Customer Contact Centre Outsourcing

  • Fares Management

  • Frequent Flyer Programme Management

  • Revenue Accounting

  • Revenue Management

  • Sales and Distribution Management

  • Sales and Marketing Support

Back Office Support Services

  • Aviation Legal Services

  • HR Management

  • Management Accounting

  • Organisational Change

  • Staff Planning, Rosters and HR Database Management

Procurement Support Services

  • Aircraft Leasing

  • Airline Systems

  • GHA Contract Management

  • Ramp Handling Equipment

  • Safety and Security Products

  • Crew and Passenger Hotel contracts

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Operations Support Services

  • Aircraft Delivery Operational and Engineering Support Services

  • Aircraft Planning

  • Airport Management

  • AIS and Met Briefings

  • Baggage Tracing

  • Cargo Tracking

  • Centralised Load Control

  • Crew Accommodation and Transport Management

  • Crew Rostering

  • Crew and Aircraft Optimisation

  • Flight Planning

  • Flight Watch

  • IOSA Audit Preparation

  • Permit Applications

  • Safety Auditing, Consultancy and Training

  • Security Auditing, Consultancy and Training

  • ULD Management

To meet us or to contact us please e-mail info@astra-aviation.com
contactez nous a notre adresse pour des informations complementaires info@astra-aviation.com
contactar nos via e-mail info@astra-aviation.com
contacte nos via e-mail info@astra-aviation.com

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