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About Us
VISION: To be the leading service provider in terms of quality and value for money in all airports in which we operate.


Flight Support Services
Setting increasingly high standards, we aim to be the best flight support service provider in every airport in which we operate.


Airline Support Services
We provide specialist services to small and medium sized airlines on the African continent.


Astra Aviation Shop
As a leading supplier of services, systems and equipment within the airline industry, we have successfully procured products for customers


Astra Aviation Shop

Astra Aviation Locations

As a leading supplier of services, systems and equipment within the airline industry, we have successfully procured products from worldwide sources, supplying customers in Mauritius, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

With an established international network of suppliers, we are able to source equipment from various countries in Europe, North America and the Far East to provide our customers with a fast and efficient service.

Through rigorous quality standards, we continually evaluate our product choice, ensuring that we are able to provide the most cost effective industry standard services, systems and equipment.

We work with a diverse range of budgets, determined to find solutions on behalf of our customers. We are able to contact a number of suppliers and offer products and prices to suit all types of customer. 

We actively pass on cost benefits where we are able to. We will amalgamate requests from different customers to obtain volume discounts, which normally only larger airlines and handling agents are able to take advantage of.

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These savings are particularly advantageous when purchasing high value items, such as ground handling equipment or systems whose pricing is driven purely on passenger, aircraft or crew volumes.

Detailed below are the services, systems and equipment we are able to source and supply on behalf of customers:

  • Aircraft Chocks/Engine Warning Cones

  • Aircraft Vacuum Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners / Carpet Shampoo Equipment

  • Airline Operational Systems

  • Airline Management Information Systems

  • Airline Reservation and Revenue Management Systems

  • Airport Check-In Desks and Baggage Systems

  • Airport Queue Management Systems

  • Airport Seating Products

  • Aviation Ground Handling Equipment

  • Cargo Sales and Handling Systems

  • Catering Vehicles

  • Document Forgery Detection Equipment

  • Hand, Knee and Foot Protection

  • Headsets, Cables and Jack Plugs

  • Hearing and Eye Protection

  • Marshalling Equipment

  • Mobile and Fixed Satellite Solutions

  • Runway Friction Testing Equipment

  • Safety and High Visibility Clothing

  • Security Hardware –
      - Archway/Walk Through Metal Detectors
      - Handheld Metal Detectors
      - X-ray Machines

  • Security Seals for bags, aircraft and catering equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Vehicle Management Systems

  • Windsocks and Masts

To meet us or to contact us please e-mail info@astra-aviation.com
contactez nous a notre adresse pour des informations complementaires info@astra-aviation.com
contactar nos via e-mail info@astra-aviation.com
contacte nos via e-mail info@astra-aviation.com

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