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About Us
VISION: To be the leading service provider in terms of quality and value for money in all airports in which we operate.


Flight Support Services
Setting increasingly high standards, we aim to be the best flight support service provider in every airport in which we operate.


Airline Support Services
We provide specialist services to small and medium sized airlines on the African continent.


Astra Aviation Shop
As a leading supplier of services, systems and equipment within the airline industry, we have successfully procured products for customers


Astra Aviation - Mozambique

Astra Aviation Locations

Astra Aviation offer the following services in Mozambique:

  • Aircraft Charter

  • Aircraft Flight Support and Supervision for Executive Aircraft and Ambulance Flights

  • Aircraft Fuel Supply, Catering and GHA services arranged and Permits Applied for

  • Airport Management and Representation for Passenger and Cargo Airlines

  • “Astra Visitor Services” that can include hotel booking, airport meet and greet and private transport services, personal protection services, local tours.

  • Aviation Company Representation Services

  • Aviation Consultancy

  • Aviation Safety, Security and Handling products and equipment.

  • Industrial Safety wear.

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For quotes or business opportunities please e-mail: info@astra-aviation.com

All of the Astra Aviation products and services on it’s website www.astra-aviation.com are available via “Astra Mozambique”.

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contacte nos via e-mail info@astra-aviation.com

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