Astra Aviation Services CKY

24/7 Operational Availability Yes
Airport Customs&Immigration Liaison Yes
Aircraft Parking Arrangements Yes
Airside Access for Staff Yes
Catering Arrangements on Airport Yes
Concierge Yes
Crew Hotel Reservations Yes
Crew and Passenger Transport Yes
Crew Lounge Yes
Executive Lounge Access Yes
Flight Packages, MET & NOTAMS Yes
Fuel Arrangements Yes
Ground Handling Yes
Meet and Assist Service Yes
Multilingual Staff Yes
Security Arrangements Yes

Handling GSE Available

Lower Deck Loader Capacity 6,000kgs
Main Deck Loader Capacity 12,000kgs
Main Deck Loader Quantity 1
Forklift Capacity 3,000kgs
20ft Pallet Trailers Yes
Pushback available up to: 747-400
Toilet Service Yes
Water Service Yes
Air Conditioning Unit No
Air Start Unit Yes
Ground Power Unit Yes

GUCY / CKY Airport Information

Airport of Entry Yes
Customs 24/7
Fire Category 9
Fuel Available Jet A1
Longest Paved Runway 3300m
Operating Hours 24/7
Slots Required No
Time Zone GMT
Tower Frequency 118,7

Landing Permit Requirements

Time Required 72 hrs
Air Operator Certificate Yes
Aircraft Nationality Yes
Aircraft Registration Yes
Owner Contacts (Phone/Email/Fax) Yes
Operator Contacts (Phone/Email/Fax) Yes
Certificate of Airworthiness Yes
Crew Licences No
Crew Names Yes
Insurance Policy Yes
Itinerary Yes
Local FIR Entry Time Yes
Local FIR Departure Time Yes
Nature of Flight Yes
Passenger Numbers Yes
Passenger Names Yes
Passenger Occupations Yes
Passenger Passports Yes
Receiving Party Contacts: Name/Phone/Email Yes
Airworthiness Review Certificate No
Certificate of Registration No
Noise Certificate No
Radio Licence No
AWB for cargo flights No